Friday, December 18

If we had all the money in the world

Tis' the season of yearning for poor college students. Although material goods will never bring us true happiness, it doesn't hurt to compile our list of wishes. L wants wooden trinkets, I crave more fodder for my massive brain and that one trench coat that is worth more than the car I used to own. While most of these won't happen, there is still the consolation prize of holiday cookies. -J

Tuesday, November 17

Summer Lates Part 2

Just a quick one.

we wear

Have you ever had one of those days where you get distracted by everything? I'm definitely having one today; first I try to edit some photos but end up looking up sewing tutorials for children's clothes so my niece can have some lovelies by Christmas, then I decided to post some old ones that I never got around to and I end up frosting cupcakes. I'm going to finish this no matter how long it takes my distracted self! Late in the summer I thought it would be fun to start taking outfit pictures (we only ended up doing a few, but I intend to start it up again as now I get to dress up everyday); I feel it's only suiting to start it with our laziest summer day outfits.

On Elle: Jay's H&M hat, Jay's white button up, thrifted sweater, f21 denim shorts, thrifted heels
On Jay: AA v-neck, Urban Outfitters Belt, H&M jeans, thrifted boots

Wednesday, November 4

Summer Lates Part 1

These were taken late September. The weather was still like warm and the sun shone strongly all day as we adventured in Discovery park. I scurried behind Jay as he fought the cobwebs full of giant spiders until we reached the midway point overlooking the bay. Sadly, our summer disappeared within a matter of days after that and all we are left with are these pictures I still need to post.

Tuesday, November 3

Late night wanderings

I generally don't get headaches; I don't even recall getting them before a year or two ago. Nevertheless, I had one of the worst ones I've ever had this summer putting me in a ridiculously bad mood. We have learned over the years that rather then sitting it out at home bickering, we always feel a lot better taking a walk around the neighborhood finding kitties along the way. Jay being the sweetheart the he is got me some caffeine to try and calm my head down, thank goodness it worked.

Sunday, September 13

poor mr.j

After taking his mom out for her birthday for a hike up Mount Rainer poor mr.j came home red as a lobster. As someone who hasn't had a burn in her life (shade is my friend), I don't fully know the painhe is in but I'm sure he is burning up in addition to the hot weather we've been having the last couple of days. Also, I'm sure that slapping him isn't a good idea, but I am tempted. Very tempted.

Wednesday, September 2

Tiger tiger

Late night goofing off! Combine with the ultimate chocolate chip cookies for happy times.

Friday, August 28


My obsession with the big haired ladies of the sixties has been growing again, reminding me that I must rent Barbarella again (although I really ought to buy it considering it is in my top five favorite movies). Something about the heavy eye liner, nude lips, and big thick hair gives the perfect balance of innocence and pure sex. If it wasn't for the hair fiasco of '08 my mane could be a luscious as theirs' but I suppose I don't have too long to wait.

Wednesday, August 26

a hop, skip, and a jump

It is starting to be a rarity that the sun shines strongly in the Seattle sky. Today we picked up our lazy, somewhat sick, butts and dragged it to our favorite park just a couple blocks away. There is nothing better to do on a sunny day than leisurely walking in the prettiest park in the city.

days, months, years?

This is elle. This is jay.

We have many things in common like:
We are the same age,
like cheesy sci-fi b-movies,
and think there is nothing better than a midday nap.